:33 < me-WOW!!! i hope someday i can be as pawsome of a shippurr as meulin…



D—> Never
D—> When I was tineigh, my lusus Aurthour was quite assiduous about protecting me

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    :33 < *ac purrs and pushes her head up into the kind anon’s hand with a big happy smile*



—Where… where was she?—

—This feeling, this strange feeling… what was happening to her?—

—The little butterfly soon found herself flying, floating.  But, it’s as if she wasn’t moving of her own accord.  Everything was hazy, so very hazy.  Nevertheless, she still tried to grasp onto her surroundings, trying to make sense of her situation.  She was far away from home.  So very far away from home.  That much she knew.  However, that didn’t answer her question.—

—As the time passed her by, she found the haziness clearing.  And yet, there was still that hazy feeling that seemed to wrap itself around her.  This hazy, dream like feeling.  It was as if every flap, every flutter, was a deep breath of clean, cool air.—

—And yet, she’s never had dreams that seemed so… real?—

—The last of the haziness finally cleared and she found herself perched on a wall.  But the wall wasn’t smooth at all.  There was dirt and roughness and…—

—… was that blood?!—

—Panic overcame her.  Wings fluttered in fear.  She needed to escape.  She needed to get away.  Now.   But she didn’t even know where she was.  Or how to escape.  Or if she could even escape.  Trying to calm herself down, she studied the blood writings on the wall… only to realize that there were pictures drawn.  Pictures?  Of what?  What were those creatures there?  There were two in every square.  And, for a moment, the pictures actually looked cute?—

—That train of thought was quickly chased away the moment she realized that she wasn’t alone.—

—Spotting a creature with horns and a tail, she quickly froze up.  However, though she was so very still, it was obvious that she was sticking out like a sore thumb.  And though she was still, her little butterfly heart was racing.  She ducked down as best as she could on the wall, wishing so very hard that this creature would be friendly.—

[Tail twitching irritably, you sigh in boredom and frustration and rub a rough grey fist against your eye, starting to feel a little tired. You don’t feel like a cat nap right now, though. Maybe you should update your shipping wall. Or maybe just add a few more little red blood hearts around your OTP, you note silently to yourself with a sad smile. You wonder what Karkat is up to right now… in any case, you don’t suppose he’d be very thrilled to see you. Equius’ words echo in your mind: “Nepeta, you have to stop thinking about him. It’s only going to make matters worse.” you know he’s right, but you don’t have the slightest idea how to even begin doing that. You throw your hat down hard onto the dusty ground in an effort to quell your temper, mad at yourself. You spin around in a moment of fury, pressing the bottoms of your palms to your closed eyes.]

>X(( < graarrgghh, why is this so haaarrrrdddd?!

[you whine to yourself, slumping down in defeat and opening your eyes again. On their path to staring at your feet, they catch a tiny splash of blue in your vision. With catlike shifty precision, you dart your head back up, wipe the dampness from your eyelids and start to unconsciously crawl towards the source of the blue spot.


… a flutterbeast? What was that human word for it that Aradia taught you when you commented that her god tier outfit looked like one… oh- butterfly! That was it! Wow, you don’t think one has ever entered your hive before. And certainly not in a dream bubble. You wonder how it got here, mildly irritated in the back of your mind that this little creature made it through but your dear lusus didn’t. And, for that matter, you haven’t seen any fauna outside you could hunt either. Boooriiing. It was an unusually bright colour, though. The flutterbeasts on Alternia were usually not this shocking and beautiful of a blue colour. They were almost always just white. Maybe it was just rare and you’ve never seen one like this before. Maybe it was from Earth. You’re tempted to reach out a hand to touch it, but you don’t want to scare it off. Maybe it’ll understand if you talk to it? You don’t really know how Earth animals work but you’ve seen enough Earth movies to know that they can talk sometimes, and at the very least understand people. You smile a little, your worries momentarily forgotten as you speak softly to the little critter.]

:33 < hey there little one!

:33 < its ok, i wont hurt you, i just want to be friends

:33 < how did you get here…?

[The last part was more of you wondering aloud to yourself, but you suppose it would  be nice if the flutterbeast could answer. You doubt it can, though. You can’t seem to find its mouth if it has one. Maybe it’s on the other side, you ponder absent-mindedly.]

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